Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

With the arrival of the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym, you have the ability to do some Weider Ultimate Body Worksvery thorough workouts from the comfort of your home. This home gym system uses your natural body weight as natural resistance, and offers more than a hundred different exercises for strengthening, toning, and shaping your muscles while boosting your cardiovascular health.

Work your lower body, upper body, back, abs, and shoulders anytime of the day and all in the comforts of your own home. Once you’re stronger and fit, you may adjust the incline of the machine or use the resistance bands for more challenging and more rewarding workouts make the workouts more difficult.

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And when you’re done working out, the space-saving, compact design of the Ultimate Body Works can be tucked neatly away from sight.

Key features of the Weider Ultimate Body Works

100+ exercises

The Ultimate Total Body Works includes an exercise workout guide that will guide you through more than 100 different exercises. The workout guide displays the type of workouts that focus on different muscle groups, and how you can perform specific workouts.

Weider Ultimate Body Works review


It also lists some workout suggestions that will come in handy for maximum safety and faster results. These exercises include squats to work on your thighs, hips, and butt; pull-ups for building your arm muscles; cross cable rows for toning your back; oblique twisters to target your midsection, and many more.


Weider built the Ultimate Body Works with a revolutionary resistance system for turning your own body weight as the natural resistance for various exercises. The home gym features an adjustable incline that will let you increase/decrease the workout intensity easily – just change the glide board incline to access the 7 different incline options.

Ease of use

Aside from the included workout guide, this home gym is packed with other easy to use features. Made for the space-saving fitness enthusiast, the Ultimate Body Works has a convenient slide-away design for storage purposes.

If there is one complaint about the Weider Ultimate, it is the fact that it is not the easiest device Weider-Ultimate-Body-Works-6ato set up. It can be a little fiddly the first couple of times. It also takes up quite a bit of room, even when it is in the storage position.

About the company

Weider, by ICON Health and Fitness is one of the world’s leading brands in fitness equipment. For over 25 years, the brand has remained to be among the most trusted names in strength and fitness training.

Aside from manufacturing quality home gyms, Weider also offers free variable rod resistance machines and free weight benches, to make sure that everyone, including those who have hectic schedules, can become fit and stay healthy.

The Weider brand was dubbed after Joe Weider, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s very own trainer and Muscle and Fitness Magazine’s publisher. Up to today, the Weider brand of fitness equipment still sets the standard in fitness as it had over two and a half decades ago.

Weider-Ultimate-Body-Works-8aAdditional information

The Weider Ultimate Body Works measures 71 by 26.5 by 49.5 inches and weighs 77 pounds. It comes complete with cable handles and resistance cords upon purchase. Weider has the Ultimate Body Works covered with a 3-year limited warranty on parts and service.

Last thoughts on the Weider Ultimate Body Works

You will need quite a bit of room to use this gym in your home. But if you have adequate room, then this is an excellent choice for you to keep fit, lose weight and build muscle from the comfort of your own home.

The range of exercises you can do with this gym is vast. It will let you target all major muscle groups and provides thorough workouts all round. Overall, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is an excellent home gym and great value for money too.

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